Sunday, March 11, 2007

Omniture Summit - 3/13 -3/16

I'll be speaking at the Omniture Summit 2007 conference this week in Salt Lake City during one of the breakout sessions.We'll be presenting our Sprint Nextel Customer Satisfaction case study. We've partnered with ForeSee Results and Omniture to create "micro segmentation" of the visitors to to identify their click-through experiences and match them to the online survey results they've volunteered to provide.

More here:

A recurring theme you will see in this blog is about focusing on the customer experience. Frankly, I know, that's what everyone says. But I believe you will see that C-Sat surveys, combined with an open customer forum at, added to increasing the functionality of the self-service side of are all part of a "Path to Loyalty" that we're creating at

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