Friday, March 9, 2007

A new Forum at

The views of this blog do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Sprint Nextel Corporation. I'm providing these comments as an independent blogger who happens to work for Sprint.

We launched our new Sprint Online Community - BuzzAboutWireless ( on March 1st. So far we've received a lot of feedback from visitors. The people who have posted messages mainly believe this is a good idea and express hope that we will fulfill our promise to be open and honest in the community.

We created the site to provide a forum for customers and prospective customers to share ideas, get information, read and submit product reviews and ratings, and to just "rant". The Rant and Raves forum has received the most attention so far. That wasn't unexpected.

Our hope is that be being honest we will build trust. This is not a Marketing scheme, it's being run by eBusiness people. If a visitor wants to describe the problem they have with Sprint service or with a given phone, we won't censor the message. There are guidelines for conduct and content, but we are striving to avoid a "sterilized" site. And the objective is to make sure someone in our Customer Service, Product Development, Billing, or Network team sees these posts and will take action where possible.

In one week we've seen 20K visitors averaging 3.9 pageviews each. It's a start.

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